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dc.contributor.authorBozkurt, Hacer
dc.contributor.authorYılmaz, Yılmaz
dc.identifier.citationBozkurt, H., Yılmaz, Y. (2018). Some new properties of inner product quasilinear spaces. 3rd. International Congress on Mathematic, Engineering and Natural Sciences, 21-22 April 2018, Mardin.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe theory of quasilinear analysis is one of the fundamental theories in nonlinear analysis which has various applications such as integral and differential equations, approximation theory and bifurcation theory. Aseev generalized the concept of linear spaces, using the partial order relation hence they have defined the quasilinear spaces. He also described the convergence of sequences and norm in quasilinear space. Further, he introduced the concept of Ω-space which is only meaningful in normed quasilinear spaces. In the present presentation, we introduce over symmetric set on a inner product quasilinear spaces. We establish some new results related to this new concept. Further, we obtain new conclusions for orthogonal and orthonormal subspaces of inner product quasilinear spaces. These results generalize recent well known results in the linear inner product spaces. Also, some examples have been given which provide an important contribution to understand the structure of inner product quasilinear spaces.en_US
dc.publisherIksad Publicationsen_US
dc.subjectQuasilinear Spaceen_US
dc.subjectInner Product Quasilinear Spaceen_US
dc.subjectHilbert Quasilinear Spaceen_US
dc.titleSome new properties of inner product quasilinear spacesen_US
dc.relation.journal3rd. International Congress on Mathematic, Engineering and Natural Sciences, 21-22 April 2018en_US
dc.contributor.departmentBatman Üniversitesi Fen - Edebiyat Fakültesi Matematik Bölümüen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryKonferans Öğesi - Uluslararası - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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